What To Expect When Building Your Website

Selecting a reputable and affordable custom web developer can be challenging and difficult.Most web developers charge astronomical prices for custom websites, and creating custom websites require time and patience in order to create the fuctionality and visual elements that a website needs. The fact is, most people fail to understand the complexities that are involved with the web design and development process. They oftentimes start with an initial investment, without having a clue about how the web design and development process works. Web design and web development are actually two very different things. Web design is the process of deciding on the colors, themes and typographical elements of the website. Web development involves determining how to use the website to accomplish marketing goals and objectives. Finding a developer or company that can accomplish these things is not very hard, however finding a developer or company that can ease the stress of the website development process has proven to be a daunting task for most people.

Website Design And Development Process

The Website Development Process at BelieveLogix.com is a 6 phase process. The process involves deciding on many things that will ultimately complete the final look and function of your website. Each phase typically takes a week, however the completion of each phase could take place quicker depending on the size of your website and your needs.

Phase 1- Design

The Design Phase involves deciding on a color scheme for the website, along with layout choices. The design phase also involves creating custom graphics and animations for use in the website.

Phase 2- Framework

The Framework Phase involves creating pages to hold the content that will be inputted into the site and it involves creating the menu and links. Functional elements are also added during this phase, including e-commerce functions.

Phase 3- Content

The Content Phase involves inputting the written content and arranging the pictures around the written content. Typography elements are also chosen including fonts and colors for the headings and content.

Phase 4- Optimization

The Website Optimization Phase involves correctly inputting content keywords and data elements for each page on the website.

Phase 5- Official Launch

Your website is officially launched when all design elements and content are approved. Preparation for marketing your website and business should be ready to commence at this point.

Phase 6- Marketing

Your website marketing plan should have already been created while your website was in the development phase. Your marketing plan should include an implementation plan with contingencies.